Sandstone Spring

The walk at Lees’ Pinch Lookout in the Goulburn River National Park is only an 800m round trip. At this time of year there were more native flowers blooming than I’d see in most gardens.

Fantastic rocks and sinuous young, whitely unscribbled-on Scribbly Gums formed the settings.

Yellow predominated, but apart from the simple open faces of a Hibbertia, I didn’t know these sandstone country flowers — the pea family! My forest country has little or no shrub layer, so this richness was a treat.

2 thoughts on “Sandstone Spring”

  1. Hi Denis,
    Being so much more an amateur than yourself, you’ll note I didn’t even try to identify those peas!

  2. Hi Sharyn
    The sandstone country does “spring” so very well.
    The “pea flowers” are a minefield for amateur botanists like me. But they certainly colour up the bush.

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