Skink family?

Two of the skinks who adorn my verandah and surrounds were enjoying a steamy break between rain storms. There is a smaller one too but it’s very lively and rarely ‘basks’. You know what kids are like.

Given that I’d only photographed and posted on them a few weeks ago (‘My special skinks’), I thought they looked different. More rounded, fatter, especially the one on the left.

Comparing those two sets of photographs, she definitely is. Now does this mean she is pregnant or have they both just shared a large meal and she got most of it?

And will you just look at those amazing toes?!

8 thoughts on “Skink family?”

  1. Oh, Sha, I hadn’t thought of them as food for the red-bellied blacks! Now, cute as they are, their rising population worries me a little, as snake menu, invitation to my verandah.

  2. Hi there,

    We have 2 or 3 skinks residing with us.My husband leaves bugs around for them to eat.He loves them. And boy can they move when a red bellied black snake is chasing them!

  3. Hi Avriel up there in the QLD floods. I hope they make the mines realise they are in the wrong places, like your flood plains– and should pack up, go back across the sea and leave us, our farms and our flora and fauna to deal with what nature/global warming throws at us. Without toxic mine overflows to add to the damage!

  4. Great Photos – great you share them. Australia has a wonderful array of flora and fauna and it needs protecting from greedy mining and gas companies.

  5. Wow Darian – hard to imagine such sweet things fighting like goannas! Can you send one of those shots to my webmaster? I’d love to see it. ( If he agrees maybe we could post it to share?
    The fridge was a favourite when they could come inside here too, but the snake/screen door seems to have stopped them.

  6. I have a lot of these. I thought having the screens fixed would stop them getting in the house and running around this summer. It didn’t and it’s worse than ever this year! It’s quite annoying. They poop on everything. I got some great shots of two battling it out dramatically last week – they were biting each other on the head and then flipping in the air together. It was a pretty dramatic fight over who gets to claim the back of the refrigerator I believe.

  7. Hi Karen!
    Thanks for that charming skink image; I’ll keep an eye out for little ones soon too then.
    All the best

  8. Hi Sharyn

    My special ‘Mrs Skink’ – who regularly climbs onto my verandah table and watches me reading or doing the crossword – is also suddenly looking very smug and portly. I had assumed she was pregnant and today she has not appeared. Perhaps I’ll see baby skinks soon? Hope you do too!

    Cheers and best wishes for 2011.


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