Sky lords

No, that’s not fly dirt on the picture — it’s the pair of wedge-tailed eagles who lord it over the upper skies here, and have done for the 30 years I’ve been here. They usually have a third in tow, their young one.

They cruise so high up it’s amazing they can spot anything down here on the ground. Their eyesight is equal to ours when using binoculars with 20 times magnification powers.

No other bird can make it up there, although the magpies will chase eagles a long way above the treeline.

I zoom in to check, but oh yes, it’s the wedgies.

4 thoughts on “Sky lords”

  1. Dear DWG,
    How nice to think of my book winging its way so far to you. Let me know what you think when you’ve read it, as I’d be very interested in a non-Aussie response. Overseas publishers thought the book too Australian to sell well elsewhere.
    The new book, by the way, which is all short animal tales, will be illustrated by me, so a picture for every ‘tail’.

  2. Have just ordered the book from Exisle.
    By international air should be here 3 – 10 days they say. My location is Southern US. Thanks for
    directing me to it. Look forward to having it. By the way I really enjoy the animal pictures…we don’t have those specific animals running in the wild.
    Thanks so much!!!

  3. Well thank you very much for leaving that comment! It’s always good to know that this is more than my online journal and that others enjoy it.
    As a continuation of my first book really, it has been a great record and help for me in writing my current work, Mountain Tails.
    If you have trouble, my book was published by Exisle in their Hourglass series and you can get it from their web site (link to right here) or ask your library to get it for you. I can tell you’ll love it!
    Best wishes,

  4. I so enjoy this website although have never left a post. Your lifestyle is absolutely fascinating to me and I eagerly wait for new things to happen there. It must be the most peaceful way to live..although I am sure every day is full to survive. Most of life is that way to all of us if we get all we should from it. I have not found your book yet, but did want to read it. When I found this site I read all the way back and all I could find on Google.
    Thanks for sharing.

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