Surprise visits

I knew there were Tawny Frogmouths in the bush beside me, but hardly expected one to come calling on me.

Yet one night, as I descended the stairs and the sensor light in my carport came on, there it was. On my van’s awning canister.

My favourite bird then gave me the benefit of its profile of bristly ‘whiskers’.

The other visitors came on a wet day, levering themselves along, looking about but only between grazing. Not too wary.

I miss my macropods of the Mountain, so seeing these two Eastern Grey Kangaroos was a treat.

One came very close to my deck and as we locked eyes I thanked him for visiting my patch, reminding me of the real world where animals are represented by more than dogs!

1 thought on “Surprise visits”

  1. Greetings from under palms in a landscape position befitting a pre-dusk visit from an owl. If you take away the oceans from a map and stitch up the planet where’s the moon? I love the yellow flower. For me on an ancient calendar, footy finals fortnight starts today and it heralds something most people are not privileged enough to see. Now is when saw-fish gather in far-eastern Australian rivers. Footy finals fortnight is the rare time of year to see EPBC leviathans (5-7m long) emerge from the deep and bask. Gold Coast waterways being the only defensible case in point I know. Ditto witness to birth. I feel like the best way to both honor and preserve indeed photograph such a significant possibility is by whispering ‘swap the boats’ (for drones). Historic Clarence-Noosa+ net damage+ and these maternity wards will be occupied at least until mid-summer. Regards, RJF

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