The Woman in the Warrumbungles

warrumbungles-1I was able to sneak a few days after recent book talk commitments out west to meet two cousins who were going camping in the Warrumbungle National Park near Coonabarabran, New South Wales,

It was the perfect time to try out my new tent, a Hamersley Tourer, which is intended to go with me on various future forays into other ‘wild edge’ places than my own Mountain.

It passed the first test in that I erected it on my own. That, and being able to stand upright in it, were two of my main criteria.

My cousins didn’t arrive until dark, by which time I had a fire going. Their tent was a much bigger dome tent with several layers: definitely not a one-person job to put up!
Next morning was fine and we walked one of the many trails in the park, heading up to a ridge and around the base of a higher spire that mad rockclimbers undertake.

The Warrumbungles are dotted with strangely shaped, spectacular volcanic remnant plugs and crater walls.
The symmetrical native cypress pines, looking like garden escapees, share the rocky ridges with blackened ironbarks, ethereal White Gums and decorative large Kurrajongs.

This was the first time I have seen Kurrajongs in their natural shape, unlopped over their lives as fodder for stock, their shining, almost heart-shaped leaves dangling from widely spread branches.

Such hardy trees seem to be able to take root in any crack and tiny ledge on the rugged cliffs.
Caves abound, both large and small, and all clearly put to good use as shelter by the local critters.

Lichens and mosses paint the rocks with ice blues and sage greens, between dark weepings and a range of surface weatherings.

8 thoughts on “The Woman in the Warrumbungles”

  1. Enjoying several days of another great talk-fest in Mudgee with Sharyn. (between Sharyn’s speech writing). Looking forward to the Bylong dinner at Mudgee’s Roth’s Wine Bar on Tuesday evening.
    Monday, 19th March

  2. Thanks Monica & Neville – and ‘as always’ thanks for your hospitality while I was in Mudgee!

  3. Thanks for visiting and commenting Warwick. Glad you like the blog.
    And is there another radio station?

  4. I see you are a Radio National person Sharyn, you are to be heartily congratulated.

    Great blog!

  5. Yes DWG, I think I’m lucky that it looks like my sixties will be my best decade yet; I mean to enjoy as much nature as I can while I can travel and camp on my own. Writing about it the added joy.

    And Denis, I did look at Bushranger’s blog from your Nature network. Coincidence indeed. Another friend turns out to have walked the same Spirey View walk in the Warrumbungles the day after I did – also in the rain!

  6. Sharyn, I would say that you are truly Living the Dream. Your ability to share it in words and pictures has enabled all of us to live it too. The scenes are just spectacular and the experience even greater!! Thanks!

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