Tree shapes

I have finally gotten around to cutting back the verandah’s vines of wisteria and ornamental grape. They have twisted around themselves and each other to form very strong and sculptural outstretching limbs.

This year I am experimenting with leaving more of their extremities, their claws, poised to shoot green fingers further than before perhaps.

Beyond them, against the always leafy eucalypt forest backdrop, the never-pruned birches form fine traceries that catch and hold the light.

As the cold windy weather kept me indoors more, and with an unresolved writing project requiring distraction from mounting anxiety about it, I dug out the craft paints bought long ago — for a rainy day project. They’d been on a sale table somewhere; some were metallic, and colours were limited.

My pantry doors are visible from the front door; they were blank, bland, boring plain. Now they bear a stylised tree with a gold vine twining up its improbable fruiting branches.

As always, I now wish could fix the mistakes evident from a distance but lost to me when it was under my nose, and I wish I’d made it more conical —  but I think I like my new winter tree, a compromise between bare shape and summer bearing.
And I can always paint over it if I decide I don’t.

4 thoughts on “Tree shapes”

  1. Well Jenny it cheers me when I see it, so am glad I finally did it. Have now added knob/handles, made from half a wine cork each, painted like the background and screwed from behind.

  2. Nice of you to say so Sue, but, like my Mountain Tails illustrations, it’s all play – good for my too-serious nature!

  3. Hi Sharyn,
    Fantastic tree on your pantry doors, I think you’re a little hard on yourself. Very talented!

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