I have never been able to choose between the ‘real’ dramatic sunsets of a western sky and its reflected eastern sky glories, less often seen.

This golden cumulus cluster just on dark was a rare treat, just when I needed something to lift my spirits as the Trump rampage through what was once a great democracy continued on its mad way… and our heads-in-the-sand government goes for gas instead of the zero emissions way forward we need…

After untamed Nature, my garden has always been my next source of solace, where living things sometimes thrive under my care. This Crepuscule rose seemed to hold and reflect that fabulous sunset, further cheering me.

And then came the news of Jacinda Ardern’s re-election, a beacon of sanity and compassion, giving me heart and hope in an increasingly dark world. 

If only…

Her victory did lift my spirits, and they were further buoyed as my Lamarque rose seemed to suddenly burst into the most profuse flowering of its short life. Not golden, but purest white.

Maybe in honour of the integrity and genuine empathy that we can only envy from across the ditch: Yay for Jacinda!

2 thoughts on “Uplifts”

  1. Dear Margaret, I too, as a grandma in my 70s, feel sick at heart at the world we are in and will leave. Trump is the supreme symbol of this insanity. I hope Nature still helps you forget, even briefly.

  2. I’m 75 and all my adult life I’ve taught children about farming and nature. I’m distraught about everything trump especially the harm he’s doing the environment. I worry about the world my 4 grandchildren, all children will inherit – it’s breaking my heart. I just started reading The Woman on the Mountain. As a back-to-the-lander in the 70’s, in some ways, I can relate.

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