Verandah microcosm

Even without stirring from my verandah, I have a world of nature in view.

The wildlife comes to me, and this time I don’t mean rose-climbing possums or gate-leaping wallabies! These are mini-inhabitants, easy to miss, and easy to admire.

One dull day I spotted a strange blob of white on the corner verandah post. Being vertically placed, it couldn’t be a bird or lizard dropping.

Close up, it was connected to what I assume was a moth. Or was it a beetle? Does anyone out there know?

Next time I remembered to look, it seemed totally enclosed in its own white sheath, its cocoon.  If so, how did it do the last bits, I wondered? It would be like making a mould of yourself.  

But then I thought that probably this was an illusion and that it had made an ‘egg’ case and left.

It’s still there and I try to check now and then in case it’s cracking open.

On a railing attached to that post, yesterday I noticed that a seed of the Mandevilla laxa vine has begun a new life in a crack in the timber. As you see, it’s tiny now, and I will be interested to see how it goes. Will it grow too big to survive in there or will it widen the crack?

Isn’t life amazing??