Wet again

A wet, wet week — again!  But as the rain eased, there were compensations, like the lowest rainbow I have ever seen.

This was taken through my window, facing east, and the rainbow ended on my track, right where the gatepost used to be.

No pot of gold appeared, but it was a treat to be surprised by a rainbow making a home visit.

On a dip up along the track, a flock of Crimson Rosellas were splashing and flapping about in the wheeltrack puddles. There seemed to be quite a few young ones among them but all were having fun. You’d think they’d have had enough of wetness with the rain.

This young joey certainly had, blinking away the raindrops, flicking its ears but generally just hunkering down and enduring the weather. Much as I did, cabinbound and fed up with leeches stalking me every tme I ventured on to the grass!

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