When the possum’s away…

crepuscule-1The cycle of boss tenants around here changes so often I hardly have time to adjust.  

With the quoll absent I’d grown used to having all my roses eaten by the possum. When I found the dead possum in the yard I didn’t assume it was the only one, but perhaps its territory – verandah, shed and yard – hasn’t been advertised as vacant yet.

My roses are now covered in leaves and buds and blossoms; some of the varieties I haven’t seen in bloom for several years and I can’t quite accept that they won’t be munched off any night now, so I am rushing about and photographing them.

Maybe this verandah climber, the Crepuscule, doesn’t believe it either, as it’s having a most flamboyant flush, high and low and hanging in between.

8 thoughts on “When the possum’s away…”

  1. Oh Sandi, what a wonderful and most apt word! You, my dear, are a writer!
    (As well as all the other things!)

  2. Yes, Denis, this is a beautifully ragged and generous rose. And DWG, possums just adore roses, thorns and all!
    Lucky you being in WA at wildflower time Gaye – or is it over? Hope take photos of them and the roses for a post on your blog on your return.

  3. Hello Sharyn,

    your climbing rose is simply beautiful, and no doubt giving you much pleasure. And how wonderful that it is flowering so profusely – some for you and some for the possums 🙂

    The roses over in the southwest of WA where I am now are stunning, and a real surprise – somehow I presumed that roses wouldn’t do well in sandy soil.


  4. Oh Sharyn, your roses are just gorgeous!!! I did not know that a possum would eat roses…surely hope the word does not get out about the vacancy..would be a shame!! Lovely post! DWG

  5. Hi Sharyn
    Lovely rich colour in the Crepuscle.
    One of the best Roses, in my opinion.
    Enjoy it this year, for another possum will probably hear of the vacancy at your place.

  6. Hi Margaret,
    Glad your Crepuscule survived. Watch out it doesn’t take over your house once it gets going. Enjoy Mildura’s roses!
    And thanks, but I’m a long way from those fires, which are in pretty dry country. Starting to rain here now so I hope they get some on the fire front.

  7. Hello Sharyn

    Loved seeing the photographs of your Crepuscule rose. It’s nice knowing what I can look forward to. Nearly lost mine (damaged in postal transit) but with some pleading and ‘whispering’ it survived.
    I’m off to visit my mother in Mildura where rose gardens abound. Mum says they are providing a spectacular show this year.
    Hope you’re not affected by the bushfire in remote country in the Upper Hunter.

    Cheers, Margaret

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