When the rain stops

After 24 hours of absolutely incessant rain that put almost three inches (74mm) in my rain gauge, it stopped. The sun shone and the breeze puffed the clouds a little higher than the trees, although not enough to clear the mountain ranges.

Such rain on my tin roof drowns out all other exterior noises, and many interior ones! Suddenly, I could hear a rushing sound, too strong for casual way the trees were being moved by the wind.

The spring gully must be running!

This is the head of a ‘riparian gully’, one of several steep gullies that I have been regenerating with indigenous rainforest trees, but it only looks like a river or creek when the spring-fed dam above it overflows.

Today it is running fast on a well-worn route, over slippery rocks and grateful mosses, before disappearing into the dense tussocks hiding the sudden plunges, the waterfalls that cause the loud freight train sound that I could hear.

If no more rain, the sound will be gone by tomorrow, but the spring will overflow gently for perhaps a week, feeding the thickening rainforest further down, and ultimately the creek in the next valley.