Women’s International Peace Walk  — Australia

Brisbane to Canberra 13th March—26th May 2010

My friend Christa is part of the group of women undertaking this walk — she designed the great fundraiser postcard too.

FootPrints for Peace is a global community of friends who are dedicated to creating change through peaceful action. They organise events throughout the world that bring people together to deepen our understanding of environmental, cultural and spiritual issues.

FootPrints for Peace believe that every step counts and would like to invite women to walk with them for one hour, one day, one week or the whole journey. They have five women doing the whole walk:  June Norman, Di Jenkins, Dawn Joyce, Sue Gregory and Cassie McMahon, with others walking significant distances and locals who will be walking with them for a day or meeting them on the outskirts of their town.  

If you are planning to walk for more than one day, please download the registration form from the Footprints for Peace website and email it to them here. You will also need to print the form, sign it and bring a copy with you when you commence the walk.

On the walk, June’s phone number is 0438 169 414 and Di’s phone number is 0423 513 700 .

They are seeking assistance from your community in any number of ways such as

  • Promotion of the walk
  • Overnight accommodation (church halls, community space, individual homes etc)– walkers will have their own tents and sleeping bags
  • Public meetings with local MP’s, Mayors, religious leaders etc
  • Events such as pot luck dinners, school talks, local community gatherings including artists, musicians etc
  • Organising a fundraising event with a speaking tour before the walk and or during the walk
  • Financial support (see account details below)


Order postcards

10 x 22 cm postcard – $2 each

Order lots of 10 from Christa

Pay by cheque to 
FootPrints for Peace, PO Box 5702, West End Qld 4107


Account Name:  Foot Prints for Peace

BSB 803 140  A/c No: 12 006 201

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  1. Dear Friends,

    Images of this event continue to appear in the most amazing circumstances. One of my images of the walk has been awarded a first prize in the 2013 Portraits of Peace photo competition. Use the link provided to read about this competition and the Portraits of peace exhibition.

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