Words at Wollombi

wollombiNext Sunday, November 8th, as part of the Wollombi Country Fair, I’ll be heading to church.  Not for a sacred service, but to speak at a Literary Morning Tea to be held by my publishers, Exisle, in the historic St. John’s Church at Wollombi.

Based at Wollombi, Exisle are very much a part of this artistic village community. I always love it that my books are displayed in the village general store!

I’ll be entertaining the muffin munchers with readings from my books, Mountain Tails and The Woman on the Mountain and talking about making literature out of my life with my wildlife refuge neighbours. Am expecting a lively Q & A session.

Sunday 8th, 11.30 a.m. Enquiries to Exisle, (02) 4998 3327.

For other events over the weekend, you can link from my event here.

8 thoughts on “Words at Wollombi”

  1. I may have Trevor, but can’t recall now, sorry. Didn’t know you were a painter.
    Link to OB on my site; it was in issue 131 (Oct 2005); not sure if you can view or have to buy?

  2. Did you see the portrait that I painted of them for Robbie’s birthday about 10 years ago? Can I view OB online?

  3. Thanks for that info Trev; I know Blacket’s work but didn’t know he was the architect here. And I haven’t been in St Marks and will check it out, but did do an OB story on John & Robbie’s ‘church’.

  4. Sharyn. Were you aware that that church is an Edmund Blacket design? ( he was the convict architect on the first fleet) Sometime check out St Marks at Laguna… Made of wood and a fair bit younger but stunning..hammer beams and all! My kids were baptised there (against my wishes, and in my absence) but so what? Hasn’t hurt them. Hey, I pinched that poster from Laguna’s notice board re your reading at the festival? Next time I’ll ask you to sign it for me….make for not making there? Cheers, Trev.

  5. Sorry to hear that Trevor– but you were far better off at home. It poured the entire time I was at Wollombi! But the little church was a delight – and didn’t leak – and the few who had braved the weather were appreciative.

  6. I’ve been as crook as Rookwood! How did it go Sharyn? reports I’ve heard indicate that Wollombi was a bit wild and woolly at times over the weekend. Hope it was good for you, Cheers, Trev

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