I ought to be planting trees…


It’s a glorious autumn on the Mountain. The Woman ought to be out there planting trees but is spending too much time indoors right now, doing interviews, preparing talks, because her book is out!


The Woman on the Mountain is now in any bookshop worthy of the name. Published by Exisle Publishing, (ISBN 978 090 898 8709) and distributed by Pan Macmillan, it’s a candid meander through my life up here alone on my remote mountain wildlife refuge – answering the oft-asked question, ‘Why do you live way out there?’

The horses and the quolls and the wallabies have as large a role in the book as I do, although the defiant machines on which I depend for my self-sufficient lifestyle take up quite a few pages too.

There’s always something new and unexpected happening here in the busy natural world in which I dwell, so this site can be my ongoing notebook.

Catch what the critters got up to lately or my most recent saga of mechanical ineptitude.



23 thoughts on “I ought to be planting trees…”

  1. Wow, Kerrie! I think you hold the record for reading my book so quickly, although many have said they couldn’t put it down. I’m a book guzzler too. Thank you for your enthusiasm: it does warm my heart!
    Now Dael there is a solution to that problem: buy Pip her own copy!
    Fortunately my love affair with the mountain is ongoing – so there’s always the chance of a sequel….

  2. Well done Sharyn, the book is wonderful – a beautiful production (good work Exisle) and a riveting read – so far. A tussle happening with my daughter Pip so we are both part way through, am looking forward to finding out what happens in the end! Love the intimacy of your affair with the mountain.

  3. I caught the end of your interview on ABC Newcastle (1233) a few weeks ago – I immediately reserved your book at the library! Got it today – finished it this afternoon (would’ve been sooner if 4yo son hadn’t kept interrupting)!!! Loved it – and now I have a blog to look forward to as well 🙂

  4. To Monica & Neville: Hope that Mudgee bookshop has Mountain Women all over it by now.

    To Bev: Shocking image! I like my males more articulate, so I think I’ll be OK. And I can do the spark plugs myself now – well, the ones I’ve met so far. There’ll always be a sneaky or difficult unknown.

    To dear Deb McB: thank you, and when are you going to transfer some of your sparkle on to the printed page to delight the rest of the world??

  5. Hey Sharyn,
    So many of your short stories resonated with me so I look forward to diving into the journey your book will certainly deliver. Congratulations!

  6. Hi Sharyn,
    Just finished the book. Great read. Congratulations! I see what you mean about it being very personal. I hope you don’t end up like the poor female wallabies and echidnas with an entourage of grunting males following you around with spark plugs in their hands!

  7. Sharyn, wonderful website!

    We are still waiting on our copy from the book shop, will have to give them the hurry up.

  8. Thanks Sugar Plum! I bet you write a book one day too.
    And thanks to my daughter Lucy D and family, all stars in my life as well as the book.

  9. Hi Grandma

    I am going to take your book for news & showing on Friday and tell everyone how wonderful my Grandma is!

    Lots of Love
    Jessie (Sugar Plum)

  10. Hi Mum

    I was lucky to receive one of the first copies of your book and could not put it down. May this be the first of many more books.

    Love from your biggest fans.
    Joe, Lucy, Jess & Ruby.

  11. Thanks fiddly webmaster – whose name is Fred Baker by the way. And Arna of the exotic name is the very special granddaughter of my good friend Emily, who will feature in my next post, I hope.
    My thanks as well to all for the web and book comments – and for bothering to look, read and write. It’s all rather surreal for me at present, so reading familiar names and the thoughts of their owners is a grounding comfort.
    But sorry Ros at beautiful Yeranda – no Ibis up my way. Be interested if anyone else has them.

  12. Thanks everyone for your kind comments.
    In answer to Arna’s question, we decided that a full-on website with her own domain name would be better for Sharyn than using one of the publicly hosted blog sites because search engines could find her more easily and she would have a webmaster to look after the fiddly technical stuff while she gets on with planting trees.

  13. Great web site & wonderful to see you again (even though it only a picture)! Congratulations on getting your book published, I cannot wait to read and share your stories.

  14. Hi Sharyn
    Jenny bought your book and we are keen to get started reading, already had a giggle about the hippy thing! Congratulations! Like your website.

  15. Good on you Sharyn! I’m looking forward to reading your book. Actually when I put the photos you sent back away I realised you’d wrapped them in editors notes from your book…should I treat myself to a sneak preview?
    Seeing the photo of your house takes me back to a lot of years ago.

  16. Congratulations!!! All sounds as if it is well on the mountain and here’s to deserved success with your book. I can hardly wait to purchase my copy! Hope you have had as much glorious rain as we have had here in the foothills of the Barrington Tops (south side) Our valley is a picture of green and interestingly there have been flocks of ibis in the paddocks..never usually seen in such numbers. No doubt indicative of the southern drought conditions. Are there such strange sightings elsewhere???

  17. Thanks Sharyn, You’ve just given me a great idea for a couple of Mothers Day presents!

  18. Great book, Sharyn – entertaining, honest, inspirational, and even sometimes controversial. A bit like you, really!
    Here’s to many more articles, short stories, readings – and books.

  19. congratulations sharyn
    looking forward to reading it, great photos and you are right, it is a lovely autumn, seems as though the plants all think it is spring again down here on the plains.


  20. I figure you’ve already planted enough trees that you’re allowed a ‘rest’ to bask in the successful published author glory! Well done and many congratulations. Love the pics on this page too; nice one of you.

    I’ve started reading my copy of your book already – fantastic!

  21. Sharon,

    This website is fantastic and what a beautiful photo of yourself! I love how you have links to all of your most favoured websites and the picture of the grape vine in it’s array of autumn hues is glorious. Well done! Tell me, how did you get your web address name? I thought usually it would have “blogspot” in the address? Arna

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