Love or lust

As I am still trying to sort out drainage here, my vegetable patch is still open to all visitors of the munchy type.

I have just tossed in seeds of whatever I had, wherever.

The cucurbits are doing well and are not tempting for munchers. But there is corn…

This beautiful young Eastern Red-necked Wallaby appeared to be eating naught but grass, so I had no complaints and no need to do other than admire.

Look at those neat little black paws!

This young one bolted as a female arrived — Mum? — closely followed by a largish male, levering himself up close with what seemed like clear intent.


She wasn’t having any, however, and took off up the steep bank.


How relieved I was to see that bub was up there and that this was a family reunion — love not lust? — and all was well.