The Old Brush magic

Recently I spent a few nights at the Old Brush reserve near Quorrobolong, in the Hunter Valley of NSW

It’s where I had my 60th birthday back in February, when it was so wet I didn’t get a chance to relax and appreciate its beauty.

Owner, professional photographer Robert Bignell, was to take the author photo for my next book, and I gladly accepted the invitation to stay longer and catch up with Robert and his wife Gail over dinner, outdoors of course in such a beautiful place.

The quaint little cabin where I stayed was Robert’s original owner-built home; called the Studio Hut, available for rent, it’s a delight.

Dawn birdsong and reflections on the still lagoon where a statue of Nefertiti reigns, a bush walk through palm forests, alongside busy creeks and giant mossy boulders, then an evening on the verandah by the outside fire, where a wallaby with joey on board visited, totally fearless.

Check out the charms of The Old Brush here.