The size of the beak…

My friend Christa lives by a river and keeps her camera handy for whatever wildlife may visit.

Her rotary clothesline gets used as a perch by various odd birds. Sometimes she spots and snaps them and shares them with me.

This little sequence is so good that with Christa’s permission I am sharing her photos with you.

She was alerted to this event because a Sacred Kingfisher flew smack into her large picture window facing the river.

Rather dazed, it flew to the higher position of her clothesline.


This must have been considered trespassing on their safe territory, threatening their young, as three Willy Wagtails soon arrived. Only one stayed to warn off the trespasser, who perhaps looked less scary in its dazed state. Not that Willy Wagtails ever seem to be scared of any bird, no matter how big.


If you’ve ever heard a Wagtail carrying on in this mode, its incessant chittering would wake up anyone from a daze!


And it did.


‘How dare you threaten ME! I’m a Sacred Kingfisher. I am sacred, I am beautiful, and I have a very BIG beak!’