Animal Lady on the move

Recently I met Laura, a delightful young Spanish biologist with a passion for primates, while she was WWOOFing at Rocky Creek Wildlife Refuge. Here she’s been caring for wallabies and kangaroos, given that primates are a bit hard to find in Australia.

Her Animal Lady blog is both fun and informative as she travels to different places and meets different animals — and people.

“After spending five weeks in an orphanage for chimpanzees in Zambia in 2008 and ten weeks in the jungle of Borneo studying orangutans in 2009, this year I decided it was time to go a little bit further,” she said.

“When I finished my degree in Biology this June my parents gave me a trip around the world as a present. This 10-month trip is taking me through Borneo, Bali, Japan, New Zealand, Tasmania, the Australian east coast, California and Mexico.

“Everywhere I go I always try to be the closest to nature and animals I can. If you would like to join me in my trip around the world follow me here.”

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