Bird bank

Viewing the world through slightly misty and not very clean windows is a disadvantage when you want to take photographs of something out there.

In my bedroom, the rear windows face into a close bank, planted with, amongst other things, hanging rosemary and a prostrate grevillea. Birds love them.

An erratic tapping at the windows one morning revealed that a male Superb Blue Wren was making short sharp forays to land on an angled timber frame and then fly back to the bank. And again. And again. He was so persistent that I had time to fetch the camera.

Doesn’t he look fierce? I assume he was scaring off the male intruder in the reflection.

But now the little Blue Wren has taken to patrolling the lower sills of all my windows, fluttering and tapping and veering off and back again.

All of him is never still long enough for a camera click!

Then I noticed that the grevillea flowers had attracted another bird to the bank — an Eastern Spinebill. Sorry the picture is so hazy but I hadn’t seen one of these here before so the combination of camera ready and bird flitting was not to be missed.