By gentle waters

On leaving Gibraltar National Park, it is worth stopping just before rejoining the highway, and imbibing the gentle atmosphere of Dandahra Creek.

The path winds through banks of ferns taller than myself, and in many places the creek is as still as a mirror. Still incapacitated to some extent by my fall, I didn’t walk far, but enough to enjoy it.

While the heaths up here apparently blaze with a lot of Christmas Bells at the right time, I only saw an occasional one, always a bright and surprising splash of colour in this green world.

Rocks in shady places are festooned with mosses and lichen and small plants, speaking of stability, of longevity, of multi-purpose and interdependent life.

Even an old fencepost must do its duty in this web of life, hosting so much lichen I had trouble recognising what its original role had been.

3 thoughts on “By gentle waters”

  1. I imagined you out of the sun with your feet up. If you haven’t a book and/or a cuppa to get to the bottom of, a frontier guide to tea-leaves was spilt amongst James Martin’s Memorandoms (Figure 20). ‘In the absence of ID they’re delicious’.

  2. Hope you are fully recovered soon. What an inspirational journey you’ve had. Thanks for sharing your photography.

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