Code Red for climate emergency


5% reduction won’t give her a future, Mr Rudd!!

Over 2000 people, wearing red, came to Canberra on February 3rd to link hands and red banners and tell Mr Rudd and Ms Wong that they have got it terribly wrong. 5% carbon emissions reduction will do nothing to halt our runaway global warming crisis. 

If our ‘leaders’ haven’t yet joined the dots, maybe they’ve noticed the prolonged heatwaves in Victoria and South Australia and the floods in Queensland, with 75% of the state a declared disaster area.

Excessive heat or excessive rain – infrastructure and services like transport and energy have collapsed, and people are suffering. 

Climate chaos is not good for the economy either, Mr Rudd.


We went there on the opening day of Parliament to remind them this is a Climate Emergency, a red alert to act NOW. We were so many we encircled the block. 

But our message was eclipsed by Mr Rudd’s announcement of his billions of dollars to ‘save the economy’. What a shame he didn’t use those billions to take bold steps to save the planet at the same time.

All he gave was a drop or two for home insulation. Instead of splashing spending money for consumables about, he could have installed a solar hotwater system in every household — for free.

With one stroke he could have boosted green industries, created jobs, reduced energy consumption and removed the need for any new power stations while renewables kick in.

Well, they will only do that if the government gets serious about supporting them instead of coal power.

And there’s no sign they are contemplating that.

Individuals and community groups, young folk and old (like me, below, in the red hat) felt strongly enough to travel from all states to show their extreme concern in a peaceful way.


Giving money for schools  is fine — but saving the planet that those well-educated kids will need to live on would be a hell of a lot finer.

When will they wake up to this all-too-real emergency and act?

Thanks to Graham Brown for the photographs.

6 thoughts on “Code Red for climate emergency”

  1. Welcome, Kelly! Permaculture is so sensible it’s hard to see why it still isn’t the norm.
    Am not often down your way, but perhaps you can make it to Tuggerah Library on Wed. 20th May, as I’m speaking there then re the new book?

  2. Hi Sharyn
    I’m glad to have found your website, lots of great stuff you get up to.
    I am also enthusiastic about the environment as a member of Permaculutre Central Coast. We meet 3rd Tues of each month at Tuggerah Hall Anzac Rd, Tuggerah 6.30pm for 7pm start. Would love to hear some of your stories, might see you there sometime.
    Keep up the great work!

  3. Unfortunately Christa, Mr Rudd’s financial news stole the show. Wonder if he timed that on purpose?
    Clearly climate change and the plea of a few thousands who represent thousands more is not newsworthy in comparison.

  4. Hallo Sharyn,
    Great photo of the girl on Parliament Hill.
    Have not heard anything about this action on the news. Perhaps missed it on TV – if there was any coverage. Don’t think there was anything on ABC radio. That’s so typical.
    Thanks for the action.

  5. Hi Yvonne – good to hear your Kiwi accent again! Best wishes to you both in getting back to that bush block, which is where someone as ingenious as your Howard should be. Then we can all come and see working examples of clever sustainable systems.
    Unless he fancies being Minister for the Environment?
    Do stay in touch…
    Kia Kaha to you too.

  6. Hello Sharyn and friends.
    I am safely domiciled back in New Zealand, and Howard joins me soon.
    My love and support to you all, especially the ones in red.
    Hopefully we will start soon on realising our dream of creating an environmentally supportive space of our own, in our bush block in the hills, to offer a welcome eventually to family and friends, including ones with Aussie accents.!!!
    I so admire your commitment and your huge energy given in your fight for a better environment.
    Kia Kaha.

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