Colour journey

Even from inside my cabin, Autumn leaves are adding colour in an everchanging wealth of combinations. I really have to keep my eyes open — and camera ready — for new effects every day.

I step out on to the verandah, and the effect is quite different, between the wisteria’s green and gold and the Glory Vine’s red and pink. The yellow chairs seem more at home and the table demands a green tablecloth.

I walk to the steps and find the older leaves are so ‘wine-dark’ as to be almost purple, stunning against the butter-yellow (left). I like the way the wisteria paces itself, retaining bright greens as backdrops for their more mature yellows.

I leave the steps, and the small Chinese Tallow Tree (right) flashes the full gamut of colours at me, sometimes all on a single leaf, sometimes having a bet both ways, half-summer, half-autumn, and the deep pink stems holding it all together, artistically, and adding to the riot.

With a month of Autumn to go, I know I’ll have more visual treats ahead. As a colourist, isn’t nature amazing?