Exotic whites

Whilst I live in the middle of 165 acres of natural bushland, a huge ‘native garden’, I appreciate my small pocket of exotic botanica, introduced plants that don’t want to go walkabout.

From my desk I am treated all day to the ethereal beauty of the white wisteria on the verandah, flowering for the second year, after 15 years of refusal. It has a light perfume, well worth keeping the window open in front of me.

On my way to the clothesline I detour around the long arches of the May bush, its clusters of simple flowers adding honey scents to the spring perfume mix in my yard.

The bees like it, but not as much as the pretty flowers of the enormous Nashi trees, although they smell rather unpleasantly like bleach, not honey.

But once past those, I can compensate with one of my favourite scents, from the friesias around the fig tree. Even better, I can pick some to take the scent inside. 

None of these exotic beauties will last long, so I make sure to look my fill while they are here. As you may have guessed, I like white flowers.

2 thoughts on “Exotic whites”

  1. Thanks Sue; glad you’re enjoying my Spring too. It is beautiful, but I can never quite shake my awareness of the coming summer and its bushfire threats. I guess that’s why I’d say I prefer Autumn – if I had to choose.
    As for the photos – the camera does that. It stays on Auto everything, except for focusing the lens as I change the distance. They look good because there is so much that is photogenic here!

  2. Fantastic author,and not too bad at photography either i’ve noticed!What beautiful pictures.How you must enjoy spring up there on the mountain.

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