Far and near

The views from Point Lookout in the New England National Park are vast in several directions, and show how much rugged, forested wilderness we still have, in the country where the Macleay and Bellinger rivers arise.

The first day I drove to Point Lookout, there was only whiteness instead of view; the next time there were glimpses, as patches of cloud lifted. It was on my third attempt that I saw the uninterrupted views, as in the first photo, that are justly famous. But I realised I preferred the glimpses…

At the very different Wrights Lookout, from its harsh rocky world I could look back to the green forest at Point Lookout. Here trees were small wind-bent shrubs and every crevice was needed to nurture a plant.

Other walks took me to the in-between worlds, where lichen could be a restrained rosette, a single grey-green splodge on a tree trunk.

Or in the same colours, frilled fringes like oak leaves might decorate a tree.

Or small tufts and bunches of strawberry blonde might have made a home on a fallen tree.

Or a ruffle like fine lace or coral beside its mossy mates.

An endless variety!

But of course I am not abandoning my love of mosses. I close these glimpses of the treasures in this Park with a tree trunk gloriously bedecked with lumps and bumps of thick green softness.

What’s not to love?

4 thoughts on “Far and near”

  1. Sharyn, I thankfully, once again can reread Mountain Tails. As I am now able to use, and focus the time that I have into, one can only hope, a better future for our Grandchildren. Wishing for you in 2024, good health, good days, enjoyable walks and happy snaps, and Kodak moments. I plan to hopefully get a copy of your ‘The Woman on the Mountain’. And my thoughts then go into song ? with ‘She’ll be coming round the mountain’ ….. love and light. Kind regards Robyn M, Umina Beach 2257.

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