Fig dilemma

I love the large Jacaranda tree outside my house, even if it is an introduced tree that self-seeds rather too readily.

But over the last year I have watched a Strangler Fig that some passing bird has seeded in the Jacaranda fork steadily grow larger.

But eventually it will ‘strangle’ the host, as I see so many enormous ones have done in the Wingham Brush. They would be food for the Greyheaded flying foxes and the Whiteheaded Pigeons I see here.

But the Jacaranda is deciduous and allows my solar panels winter sun; the fig will not.

But just look at the spiderwebs in that fork and the fig roots inching earthwards. This is a natural process; I don’t feel I have the right to intervene, like a gardener.

But perhaps I can prune the fig tree later, to keep it from shading my panels…

3 thoughts on “Fig dilemma”

  1. Yes, I have decided to leave it Elizabeth; it is so very vigorous!
    And good to meet you in person Helen. Was a very productive weekend.

  2. Leave it. You can always change your mind if it starts to get too big. Having struggled through the Summer and trying to keep things alive, I would not get rid of anything green!
    It looks lovely!!!

  3. Lovely to be a fellow traveller at the Sustainable Futures Convention this weekend in Gloucester. Happy meeting with you Sharyn. Keep blogging.

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