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owner-builder As many of you know, I regularly contribute articles and photos to The Owner Builder magazine. They also stock my books in their online bookshop.

Their last page is for readers to send in their musings, from the back porch, so to speak. In fact it was one such gratis contribution, over 10 years ago, that led the then Editor, sadly now the late Russell Andrews, to commission me to write professionally for the magazine.

In their current issue (153) editor Lynda Wilson has used the Back Porch page for an extract she chose from my new book, Mountain Tails, and for her kind review:—

I am very familiar with Sharyn’s style of writing, having edited her articles for The Owner Builder over the past five years and listened to her short pieces on ABC Radio National’s Bush Telegraph.

I was less familiar with her home life — that was until I read her first book, The Woman on the Mountain. Sharyn’s wonderfully descriptive language brings the whole mountain to life, along with the joys and sorrows of her mostly solitary life.

In her latest book, Mountain Tails, Sharyn shares the lives, loves and losses of her animal neighbours with us.

With rich descriptions and personal humour, from ‘A quoll in the kitchen’ through ‘Jacky dragon’ and on to ‘Petrified birds,’ you will feel yourself standing right alongside Sharyn, sharing her wonder and amazement of the natural world around her.

The Owner Builder has a special offer: you can buy both The Woman on the Mountain and Mountain Tails for $50 plus postage. The offer runs until September 30.

Visit The Owner Builder’s website.

3 thoughts on “From the back porch…”

  1. Welcome to the web site Karen, and thanks for such glowing comments! As always, it was a pleasure to see you again at Watermark.
    Both yourself and Fleur (who did a great review on her web site) have said the sort of things any writer desperately wants to hear from readers. Thanks!

  2. Hi Sharyn

    Have just finished reading your wonderful “Mountain Tails” that I bought at Watermark. Am in awe of your ability to make all your nature adventures so visual in the writing, as well as actually making such sweet drawings of the animals.

    Work like yours is so important in the fight to educate people about the dangers to environment and species – and when done with such personal commitment and delicious style it is also a joy to read.

    I’ll be recommending this exquisite book to everyone. Keep up the good work.

    Best regards,


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