Glory days

2010 has been a pretty rotten year for me and I’ll be glad to see the end of it but boy, is it ending in a blaze of glory!

Colour has new meaning with post-storm sunset skies like this. No wonder Turner was dotty about them.

While the south-west sky was grandly towering, the western aspect was elevated, flying free and roiling sideways.

As the storms continue, the soggy days more like north coast steamy than my mountain cool, and the leeches aggressive beyond belief — I need a sunset or two like this to remind me why I live where I do!

6 thoughts on “Glory days”

  1. Hello Hoppy Laura,
    Sorry to hear of that accident. Thanks for your comments in 2010, always a pleasure to read them. May 2011 be good to us all,

  2. Hi Sharyn,

    Here’s hoping the new year will be kinder to us all! I too have had a trying year and am going out with a broken ankle that happened on the 19th December!

    Bring on the new year, I’m up for it!!

    Cheers, Laura.

  3. Hi Margaret,
    Yes, clouds like that do seem too wonderful for we sorry humans to deserve – and to bear their beauty.
    I am hearing that 2010 has been bad for many– for those of us who survived it, 2011 ought to be better, but really, at my age, death is too familiar.
    On the wider scale, with global warming and global extreme weather events in mind– I’d wish for sanity to descend on our ‘leaders’ so they stop being ‘fossil fools’, pawns of the industry, and act with vision for once.

  4. Hello Sharyn

    Here’s to a great 2011 for you. Like you 2010 hasn’t been the best of years for me (and several friends).

    Just love the cloud photographs. I can never find the words to explain what they do for me except, perhaps to say, that they fill me with wonder.

    Margaret M

  5. I am sorry that 2010 was a rotten year for you! Here is to all the very best for you in 2011.
    Your sky photos are just gorgeous! In the first one, I caught my breath thinking you had fire(s) near you. Whew! Glad to read that was not the case.
    (It’s not, is it?)

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