High sky

Here’s proof that the earth is round.

The sun had set on my horizon, down here on my tree-rimmed earth. Green details had given way to black filigree. The huge bank of clouds to the north had almost ceased to reflect the sunset.

Except for way, way up high, where the top of this massive cauliflower cloud was illuminated with sunlight from where the sun still reigned, far over the horizon’s curve, over the edge of the world visible to me.

The brightest of daytime white glowed, almost shockingly, above more gentle sunset pinks which were reflecting from closer over that curve, I imagine.

It’s these moments of natural grandeur that keep me glancing out my window, that make me determined to live more outdoors more of the time — in case I miss something.

4 thoughts on “High sky”

  1. Sharyn, a beautiful post. Your perception of all that goes on around you is exceeded only by your ability to capture it on film in order that others can share it.
    Love also the comeback of the swallows.
    Nature is truly grand.

    Thanks for your sharing!!

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