Honeyeater hatching

I have had my first sighting of the Honeyeater babies in the nest outside my kitchen window. There appear to be two scrawny-necked grey heads, with rippled pink beaks like delicate clam shells.

They seem to alternate in their bobbing up and down, so it’s hard to catch them together.

I have placed a chair by the kitchen sink so I can jump and snap the pair when they are staying up more often in unison.
Mum is being kept very busy and the morsels I have seen her bring are quite large, although I can’t tell what they are.

But it must be good; just look at the eyes closed in ecstasy as it swallows!
And then I managed it: here’s the pair, snapped just after Mum had flown off so both their heads were raised, swallowing hard.

3 thoughts on “Honeyeater hatching”

  1. Hi Fleur,
    Thanks for your kind comments. I have been away but finally found time to take a look at your site: lovely photos indeed! Great to see such a different part of Australia and a different way of rural living. Congratulations on the imminent book release too!

    DWG, Be glad of your cooler weather: it was very hot and steamy on the north coast where I spent Christmas. Great to see family, but I’m pleased to be home in my less humid mountains again.

  2. Sharyn, I love this post on the Honeyeater babies.
    That beak is most unusual! The nest itself seems so
    delicate as though it has been crocheted with a fine
    thread. Your pictures enable us to capture it all just
    as though we were there. Just incredible!!
    Also, let me take this opportunity to wish you a
    Merry Christmas doing whatever it is you do on this
    day!! Its very cold here on our first day of Winter and
    I am in the USA/South. So it feels like Christmas.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Sharyn I have been checking out your web site a fair bit lately and loved the story on the python! I got on to you through Allan Moult, who is also my webmaster. i just wanted to touch base and tell you how much I loved The Woman on the Mountain. An amazing book! I am also an author and have a women’s fiction novel coming out in April 2009 (published by Allen and Unwin)titled Red Dust. After going through your website, I thought there may be some photo’s on my site that you might like. http://www.fleurmcdonald.com Anyway Sharyn, good luck with your new book and maybe we could chat one day! Fleur McDonald

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