Look out! Triffids!

My favourite tool is my hoe. After 30 years of loyal service it needed a new handle, which I’d loosely put on just before heading off for the weekend.

The bright new handle showed up how poorly I’d treated the hoe head and I vowed to give it a good sand and oil before it went back out on duty.

I left it leaning aginst a chair on the verandah, to remind myself to do so.

In those two days the Chilean Jasmine sent up a tendril between the boards, found the hoe and claimed it, looping around the handle and heading for the sky.

You’d swear it had an intelligence to do so: as always, I think of John Wyndham’s triffids.

2 thoughts on “Look out! Triffids!”

  1. I think I’m more likely to be buried under a high tide of kikuyu, DWG, as constant rain has stopped me in my efforts to reclaim the yard from its month of free rein!

  2. Intrusion at it’s highest!! Things on that mountain keep on invading your territory and now just a simple vine!! Life is constant isn’t it, just keeping things in their own place. Don’t stand still too long, or you might have a vine growing on you!! Love all of your unusual stories!

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