Macropod harmony


It’s been cold and windy, and in my clearing we’re all glad of my protective tree belt below.  I can see the treeline on the western front turned thin and see-through as the trees are battered about; I can hear the fury on the ridgetop above me. But I am only mildly affected here.

My neighbours like the calm sunny spots too. Glancing through my kitchen window, I spotted four of my hoppy friends taking their ease just outside the house fence. Not unusual.

But it was rather unusual that the two on the left were Eastern Grey Kangaroos and the two on the right were Eastern Red-necked Wallabies. Not that there’s ever any animosity between the various macropod species here, but they don’t often share such a small space, or not in such a relaxed way. To pass in grazing, yes.


The male kangaroo stood to see what I was doing at the window; none of the others bothered to interrupt their scratching or sleeping or general contemplation of life.

 What I loved best was that shortly after I’d taken this photo and he’d gone back to grazing at least, his sleepy female partner was so sure of my good intentions that she turned her back on me to settle into a more comfortable pose — and went to sleep.

3 thoughts on “Macropod harmony”

  1. Hi Trevor,
    They are the only way I find my regen trees in the bush, to see how they’re going a year or so later, so I always plant one with each tree! They do very well here indeed. And don’t mind transplanting either.

    And yes DWG, it feels like that to me too. One of the rare times I am glad to be ignored!

  2. As usual I love it when you share pictures and stories of your hoppy friends. It seems they sense the safety of this place so near your window. Seems like a very special relationship to me. Thanks! DWG

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