Mighty roo boys

Through the mist-swathed forest I saw three large dark rounded shapes, like rocks that were slowly moving.

As they grazed down the hill towards my gate, they suddenly sat up, erect  and on the alert.

They were unmistakably kangaroos, male Eastern Greys, the biggest native animals on my wildife refuge.

Strong featured, broad-chested, well-muscled, with powerful back legs and a tail to match.

I admire these grand animals, and I love the fact that they rule here — and that they let me watch from my verandah!

2 thoughts on “Mighty roo boys”

  1. Oh they do look like big rocks! It is just great to see pictures of my favorites made by a real person in a real setting and not just in a book.
    Thanks for sharing them with the outside world!


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