It’s not very often that this river is still enough to be a perfect mirror, but as I was out early after sunup this morning, I was treated to perfection.

The mountain usually takes my eye above all, but today the ‘mackerel’ sky of altocumulus cotton buds and its watery reflection was the most impressive.

At my feet, the clouds dissolved into oyster-studded rocks, blurring perceptions.

The she-oaks lean over clouds… and rocks.

The mountain narrows to meet itself in water image.

How fortunate I am to be in lockdown in a place where it’s so worth rising early!

2 thoughts on “Mirrorland”

  1. I think so Derek; this is right by the road and lots of people fish or just along this river. The pics were lucky timing and I have to say I did not have my camera with me so these were taken on the phone: my first time!

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