Natural creativity

When I look closely at the things nature creates, I am very often overwhelmed with admiration.

For example, this side view showed me the superfine and tiny holding points of this bejewelled web, suspended from the possum-chomped twigs of the climbing rose. Like upturned arms, ready to have the wool wound on for grandma…


I usually only see it from the front, backlit by the early sun, the weavings delineated by overnight dew. How does the spider get it so evenly spaced, so perfect?

The inspiration for lacemakers.

2 thoughts on “Natural creativity”

  1. In the whole web woven of the being of the world
    Each of us has a place.
    A small corner of the tapestry uniquely ours,
    Spun in with our times and those around us.
    We weave our own corner into its own shape
    And all the tiny shapes become the whole.
    And the whole moulds the little shapes
    Until all are become part of one another.
    No matter how small, all are required;
    No matter how unimportant, all are necessary;
    Each touches the whole and becomes a part of it.
    Even you, even a small lizard, touches and changes
    The skirts of the universe.

    Anne Spencer Parry

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