Possum presents

A Crepuscule rose climbs along my verandah railings, the blooms of which I am very fond. Unfortunately I only get to admire them on the far branches that hang suspended in mid-air.

The rest are eaten by the brush-tailed possum.
No doubt it thinks it makes a fair exchange. It munches on flowers and leaves and breaks off stems and branches, makes a deposit on the railing by way of payment and waddles off to the next rose bush.
But whether currants or coal, I haven’t yet found a use for these little black offerings, so am not happy about the exchange at all. I could do without the presents and the presence — of any possum!

6 thoughts on “Possum presents”

  1. Unfortunately in my high rainfall chilli powder or quassia chips spray doesn’t last very long!

  2. Hello Margaret.

    I used to have possums eating the rose buds and I found that if you misted them with water and then sprinkled with
    chilli powder, the possums never visited again. Also tried the chilli powder on my bush lemons and same result.
    Just thought this might help with the possums.

  3. Congratulations Margaret, you will love it. Mine is quite vigorous – despite the possum’s pruning. I love its rather raffish blossoms when I can get any but in the possum-less days of the quoll it was a riot of colour. Good on you for persisting to find it.

  4. Helllo Sharyn

    Just had to let you know that the Crepuscule Rose arrived in yesterdays post! The last one from a rose nursery in Holbrook. I feel very lucky! Oh yes, several sweet peas managed to survive the chooks’ feast and I’ve had two beautifully scented flowers.


  5. Hi Margaret,
    That rose did wonderfully for years until the possums came back. It has two flowerings a year, so I do hope you get one.

  6. Hello Sharyn
    Since reading this post I’ve longed for a Crepuscule rose (but not a possum to help with pruning). It looks so pretty and vibrant in the picture
    It’s taken awhile but I’ll hopefully have one arriving by post in a week or two.
    I love climbing plants that climb and wend their way along fences, posts etc. If perfume is involved it’s a true bonus.
    Cheers, Margaret

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