Remarkable women

Recently my publisher, Exisle, arranged a few joint talks at libraries, by myself and two other of their female authors. One talk was accompanied by supper, the other by a high morning tea. All very civilised.

They titled the talks, ‘True stories of remarkable women’. We were all as different as our stories.

Cheryl Koenig had written the very personal Paper Cranes, a journey of renewal and courage as she and her husband helped her son Jonathan recover from a serious car accident and brain damage.

Jane Mundy had told of her impulsive leap into adventure and romance as she travelled around Bolivia with a newly met potential partner. Cholas in Bowlers is funny and informative.

And me, well, I just spoke about my mountain life as usual.

2 thoughts on “Remarkable women”

  1. Thanks Kez – yes, Cheryl is a truly remarkable person. And it was good to meet you there, in real as opposed to cyber life.
    I was amazed at the restraint shown by the ladies in the audience when faced with those ‘high tiers’ of little cakes and scones for a few hours. There were so many sweet treats left!

  2. The high tea was really great – I enjoyed listening to all 3 of you!

    I’m sure I wasn’t the only one in tears listening to Cheryl speak. I’m working up the courage to read her book.

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