Rosies can be green

One of the Crimson Rosellas brought her young one along to try the birdseed recently. It was the first time I’ve seen this happen.

Instead of the mature red, blue and black plumage, its blue was paler, its red more tomato than scarlet, and much of its body was dusted with light lettuce green. It looked like a different parrot altogether.

I assume the green is to camouflage the young from predators until they are old enough and smart enough to fend for themselves.

Mother and child weren’t there long, and the young one didn’t strike contemplative poses for me as the older ones do, so the photos are a little blurred.

2 thoughts on “Rosies can be green”

  1. Great photos!!

    Just enjoyed so much getting to see them.

    Thanks again for sharing your daily diary with
    us all around the world. Sometimes it’s hard to
    believe that we can do that.

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