Spider fruit


I usually don’t inspect a dish of grapes for animate occupants. But after this discovery I certainly shall.

Having eaten a small cluster of sweet black grapes, bought from a regional organic farm, I was about to select another bunch when I glimpsed hairiness where there ought only to be glossy fruitiness.


I blinked: was it hairy stems? But no, definitely hairy spider legs, as it emerged from the side of the bowl.


 I hurried outside with the bowl and gently tipped it onto the verandah, where it posed for a minute.  Another Huntsman, although not as bulbously brown as the big one on the rafters.

 ‘This is going too far!’ I admonished it, but it ignored me as it ambled over the edge.

I washed the grapes and remain vigilant.

6 thoughts on “Spider fruit”

  1. Thanks for all those comments. I am sure it wasn’t in my bowl as I got one from the cupboard especially for the grapes; I doubt it came with the grapes as I wash fruit from long habit and a dearth of opportunity to buy such organic ones. I assumed it was one of my spiders, part of the current Huntsman troop in occupation, simply hanging out in good camouflage awaiting food on foot or wing.

  2. Hi Sharyn, one has to wonder if it isn’t your own spider. I mean, did it really hitch a ride to your place via the grapes, or was it in your fruit bowl to start with? TBW.

  3. Life just remains interesting doesn’t it?
    Never a quite dull moment. And who would want that
    anyway? Do take care! BTW Beautiful organic grapes!

  4. Dear me, Sharyn, its at this point that I risk offending you, and commenting that “What do you expect from eating Organic produce?”. It wouldn’t happen with a bag of Grapes from Woolies!
    Obviously that is meant as a tease to you.
    Great photos of the Spider emerging from the bowl of Grapes, by the way.

  5. A horrible discovery Sharyn – I’m glad you were looking and not caught up reading or in some other activity and just ‘groping’ for the grapes!

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