Gypsy transformer

This strange object now standing next to my cabin may resemble a robot ‘dog’, four-legged, keen and obedient, but in fact it’s a dream-come-true, a means of travelling affordably and comfortably while still keeping my essential 4WD ute.

And, since I can’t back a trailer, my ute and I can carry this on our back!

This wonderfully clever, compact and cute slide-on transforms in minutes into a gay gypsy van, complete with solar panels and gothic rear windows! The wallabies find the shade handy — and so does the ute cabin.

Designed and beautifully made in Woolgoolga, just north of Coffs Harbour, by Active Campers, it’s meant for 4WDs, and is one of the few available for double cabs. There’s relatively few of these about, so I was very lucky to find a secondhand one, in driving reach — and almost in price reach.

The owners were lovely folk and did all the electrical fitting etc, for me. As they said, the only problem I’ll have is inquisitive  fellow campers!

However, I hope to be mostly in national parks, writing about other wild edges than my own Mountain.

With all the windows unzipped, it’s delightfully open, and sitting up there feels more like being in a screened tent than a caravan. It does however have ‘van’ conveniences, such as a small fridge (solar!), a double gas burner, cupboards, table etc. The main bed is under the sloping roof.

It’s minimal but not cramped — clearly well-designed. I christened it the first night here with a sleepover. Can’t wait until writing commitments allow me time to play with it properly!