Tree decorations

When a tree dies it becomes something else here: a home, for birds if big enough, and for insects, fungi and lichens.

Some seem more appealing to the latter than others, like this fantastically decorated tree.

It stood out amongst the tree trunks of the forest, even in the mist. And this was on north-western side of the trunk, not the south, as I’ve always been told they prefer.

When I got up close, the intricacy and variety were astonishing – from lace to net, to ribbons and ruched satin, from creams to pinks to greens.

Decoration overkill, you might say, but somehow Nature can get away with it.

2 thoughts on “Tree decorations”

  1. Thanks for your comment Alise. It’s clear you still have love of peace and quiet in your bones. I do hope you are able to re-live it. And I’m now 60, so why not?
    best wishes

  2. Your story is inspiring and as a writer myself who loves living on mountains, I appreciate your serenity and isolation. Having lived outback and on remote properties (without roads) I remember what it is like and your story has prompted me to (maybe) try it again. Easier at 35 than now at 61, but still possible. Many thanx for your site. Cheers, Alise.

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