Wallabies at home

The wallabies took very little time to adjust to my moving back in to their domain. There are lots of mothers carrying young in pouches. Some of the joeys are very small and pink, and some, like this one, are really too big.

It is so cramped in that low-hanging pouch that you can see that its hind foot is protruding, but it stayed inside where it was warm. After all, it could reach grass and milk from there, so why not?

The mothers seem most trusting of me. Some of the others look at me quite imperiously, ears pricked, as if to say, ‘ So who are you, and what is your business here?!’ 

I have no idea why they haven’t eaten these self sown greens — as they hop in and eat the parsley in this old tank that I need to fill to be a raised bed for root vegies. Unfortunately, since it’s really a compost heap at this stage, a red-bellied black snake moved in at the end of last summer.

But if I can overcome my disappointment in the wide range of my once-treasured garden plants they are eating, they are a treat to have around to watch.

Only… I just noticed that they have started on the citrus trees! Now that’s going too far.

3 thoughts on “Wallabies at home”

  1. Yes Laura, will have to drag out the netting cages again. Am sure they can be well fed without my citrus leaves.
    Hi Trevor! I hear rosemary- flavoured lamb from such grazing is much in demand. Lucky for them I’m a vego, eh?

  2. They taste nice too…. or so I’ve been told. Hiya Sharyn, pity about the garden ATB from Trev.

  3. Oh dear, that is just too rude….but you do have the healthiest and well fed looking wallabies about!

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