Wallaby world

It hasn’t taken long for the wallabies to make themselves at home in the house yard. The roses are the main feeding attraction, with them stripping all the smaller bushes, and making considerable effort to reach up and pull down the stems of higher ones, like the old shrub rose, Autumnalis, and the Banksia Rose.

Thorns don’t appear to bother either their little paws or their mouths.

I still can’t see any reduction in the height of the grass.

The other quickly-acquired daily habit is occupying shady spots– one each, probably claimed and kept. The shade may be quite small, from a single shrub, or from man-made objects like the barbeque.

Certain regulars are becoming identifiable, like the one with the tattered left ear or the very reddish-tinged male, or the little mother who plops next to the mud wall for mid-day shade. She is now letting me walk past without feeling the need to up and run.

I do like seeing them so relaxed when I am about, and I am learning to unclench my teeth and be more relaxed myself when I see them eating the roses — or the Robinia — or the Buddleia — or the grapevines. A new era, I keep telling myself, and I chose it. So get used to it and enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Wallaby world”

  1. Hi Catherine,
    Lovely to get that feedback, thank you! I am so pleased you enjoyed meeting my neighbours. Come and visit them again!

  2. I have just this minute finished reading Mountain Tales and was so pleased to read at the end that you have a website (I was sad to finish the book). Your photos I have seen so far are amazing, especially after reading the book.

    What a wonderful wildlife refuge you have there. I have now bookmarked this blog and will definitely be back! I really enjoyed reading the tales.

  3. Hi Sharyn
    I have gone through a similar adjustment – in my case accepting that some plants cannot out-compete the weeds.
    One moves on, and enjoys that which survives. Darwinism in action.

  4. Simply fascinating..getting to watch them like this! I especially liked your phrase of “a new era” and it reminds me that I too am in a new era this year. Determined to not have all the outside flowers that have to be cared for in the hot summer months..only a few container gardens. Time for me to slow it down and go gracefully into the sunset years of a most enjoyable life!!! Hope your health is improving!!
    Thanks for a most enjoyable post!!! DWG

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