Mountain Clouds

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a really vivid sunrise here — and that’s not because I’ve been lazing in bed! As winter draws on, I might well do that, but the days are just perfect at present. So this torrid beauty was an especially welcome gift — just to remind me. The colours […]

Being up and about early has so often gifted me unexpected and ephemeral sights here that I feel I’ve missed something – or might have – when I sleep in. At about 900 metres elevation, we do catch clouds often. They may be slow to lift, waiting for the new sun to warm them and […]

A couple of years before I was born, Irving Berlin wrote a song (used in the musical Annie Get Your Gun) whose words have stayed with me. Or at least the chorus has: I got the sun in the morning and the moon at night and scraps of verses along the lines of  Got no diamond […]

In any given day here I can be offered small moments of splendour or surprise. One day last week I had three. It began with a shining morning, where the low early sun set the leaves on trees and shrubs and even the bracken ferns to sparkle and dazzle. A solitary wallaby sat amongst the […]

For so long, it seems, we have had dry mornings. Sometimes cold and sometimes not, but never dewy and certainly not shrouded in white wetness like my favourite wake-up sight: Cloudland. I’ve been missing them. As I returned from a walk up the hill to release the bush rat from my live trap (he’s destroying […]

There is always something grand about the skyscapes of Victoria’s wide open spaces.  I can remember being struck by them on my first trip to the state, back in 1978. This dramatic beauty (above) was offered to me early on a very windy morning, on higher ground about 5km from Bacchus Marsh. And yet, back […]

With much on my mind re this coal book, the ongoing issues and the ensuing talks and tours, I am up early to start work.  One recent benefit of this — apart from stopping my kaleidoscope brain from its pointless shuffling — was that I caught the moon on its way to bed, full and […]

I have been so involved in my coal book and the ongoing issues it deals with that I have hardly had time to leave the cabin — except to charge the laptop in the camper! And, by the way, my 18-year-old batteries are OK. It’s the inverter that’s given up.  Unfortunately BP don’t make solar […]

When I wake up to a white world it’s not usually because it has snowed — although that has happened — but because a cloud has decided to descend and join me, poor earthbound being that I am. At such times the only bright colour is in close things, seen sans veil of finest white […]

I look up as often as down, on the alert for the surprises that my surroundings so frequently have to offer me. Thankfully the sky is ever changing; I agree with the Cloud Appreciation Society who ‘pledge to fight ‘blue-sky thinking’, since ‘Life would be dull if we had to look up at cloudless monotony […]

By day the weather has been wild and windy, making my escarpment edge trees roar like jet planes as they whip and whirl under the onslaught — and protecting my clearing.   Early morning, it can be quiet, but ominous.  ‘Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning…’ And while there’s been no rain, the sky […]

Moisture, light and air — nothing substantial, and yet what they create when they combine can be magical and memorable.  The wind-teased clouds in this sky made a grand if fuzzy-headed bird, tail feathers trailing, gliding like an eagle overhead, intently watching the earth below. A perfectly still, dewy early morning, when clouds hug the […]

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