One day…

In any given day here I can be offered small moments of splendour or surprise.

One day last week I had three.

It began with a shining morning, where the low early sun set the leaves on trees and shrubs and even the bracken ferns to sparkle and dazzle. A solitary wallaby sat amongst the tussocks, backlit and bright-edged.

 Later in the morning a rare family group of kangaroos grazed amongst the spent jonquil bulb leaves. 

Usually I see the mum and joey together and the male separate, or else only following close to them when he thinks she might be on heat. 

There’s  been quite a bit of that going on lately, leading to a few barneys between old and young competing males.

But this trio stayed together for ages: the family that feeds together…?

And then, when the sun had set in the west and my forest had passed into darkness, this high bank of northern clouds took fire. Turner, eat your heart out!

2 thoughts on “One day…”

  1. Hi Sharyn,
    What greater Christmas gift could anyone have than nature’s bounty? Your lush looking country cheers us. We’ve had no rain for weeks and to top that, a tornedo ripped through and played havoc with our ancient trees and corrugated iron sheds. Our home is intact – we are blessed. Christmas wishes,

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