Women warriors at Woodford

Over 2012, Paola Cassoni and I have worked together to use her Bimblebox film and my Rich Land, Wasteland book as our tools to raise awareness, to shock Australians into action.

Wherever I speak, if I am allowed, I have the Bimblebox DVDs for sale.

For background. see my recent Bimblebox posts:

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Our next gig is at the Woodford Folk Festival (27th December—1st January). Bimblebox will be showing there at 9pm in the Greenhouse on the very first night. The festival website is here.


This is my emblematic Bimblebox photo: a bimblebox tree leaf plunk in the middle of a cowpat, taken when I visited there in August.

The property is an ongoing research centre into ways of managing cattle and conservation without clearing precious and poorly represented bushland. They can coexist.

Opencut coalmining and conservation can’t — Clive and Campbell take note!

Paola and I will both be helping out on the LocktheGate stall (near the Greenhouse) and also available to chat at RocktheGate each evening: Paola from 4—5 and me from 6—7.

I’m told it can be really hot and/or really wet, or unseasonably cold, so I’m packing gumboots, sunscreen and a beanie. 

Hope lots of you come by and say hello, in between listening and dancing and doing at the fabulous events lined up for the Festival this year.  I’m looking forward to ‘dancing that coal right outta my hair’!! 

If not, have a safe and happy holiday season.

5 thoughts on “Women warriors at Woodford”

  1. Hi Sharyn. I am presently reading your fine book, We have travelled around the Qld coal areas, I have had an interest in the mining industry for years as our son has worked on mine construction projects for many years, I had never realised how damaging it is to Our country I can fully understand the toll the next 50 years will take,may be in 2063 the will ship in the worlds rubbish and use the redundant trains and machinery to fill the massive pits.
    Regards Chris and Nancy Nicholes Marrar NSW

  2. To Sharyn and Paola,

    as the women’s song goes:

    “Don’t be too polite girls
    Don’t be too polite
    Show a little fight girls
    Show a little fight ….” etc

    and I know you both will !

    let’s hope for a happier 2013,


  3. Thanks Paola. I don’t see that we have been left any other choice but civil disobedience. It’s not a natural path for me or many others, and it ought not be necessary. Wouldn’t be if our ‘leaders’ had any care for the future of this country and its people.
    See you at W tomorrow evening.

  4. In this quest for justice for ourselves and for other creatures, new friendships have started to bloom, while some of the old acquaintances look on horrified of the civil disobedience path we chose to walk. Let’s don’t waste our time to see who we left behind as to maintain our focus a lot of energy in needed and I hope we can rekindle our strength at Woodford. Looking forward seeing you there Sharyn!

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