After the rain

sun and rain 1
After a week of non-stop rain, I awoke with a start. Something was wrong, different, out-of-the-ordinary. And then it hit me – silence. No rain on my tin roof.

What’s more, I could see beyond the first belt of trees. And soon after, I saw the sun, returning in a most spectacular fashion. Ta-dah!!!

Filtered through mist, yet everything sparkled with gratitude, trees and grass, fences and spiderwebs — and me, looking out my kitchen window at it all.
sun and rain 2

2 thoughts on “After the rain”

  1. Hi Kez, I’ll look forward to meeting you. Be sure to collar me and introduce yourself as you have the advantage of knowing what I look like!

  2. Beautiful!

    Trying not to sound like a stalker here lol, but I just booked in to the High Tea at East Maitland lib for next week so I can listen to you talk. Looking forward to it!

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