Autumn shoes

After a windy week, the leaves are fast disappearing from the wisteria and the ornamental grape vines draping my verandah edges.

One evening the decking was covered in leaves, the next morning it was swept almost clean by stronger winds.

Except for what had been deposited in my rubber outdoor shoes. Not a common sight, shoes full of old leaves, and it made me feel as if I had been away for a long time, and even that similar things would happen when I died. Things get abandoned, nature takes over.

I suppose Autumn itself leads to such thoughts.

6 thoughts on “Autumn shoes”

  1. Well Denis, it is my bent to see the literal as imbued with many other associations, as springboards for reflection; I expect that is partly why I am a writer. When an object or a brief event shimmers with ripples larger than itself – that’s worth writing about!
    As for the wintry solace adopted by the Norwegians, fortunately I don’t like (nor can afford) spirits, as they probably used; and I’m used to rationing my cask red wine, which is just as well, given the distance from town!

  2. Hi Sharyn
    I saw your shoes as a purely artistic (opportunistic, but artistic) shot. Not so philosophical.
    Re your last comment, a Norwegian friend from long ago assured me they drank a lot in the long winters, not always with good results.

  3. Thanks for your empathy DWG. I couldn’t agree more with your final advice.
    Just need a few sunny days I think! How do people manage in the long darkness of the far north of the world?

  4. Your should feel good about the release of a second book!! But I think we all have pensive moments, or at least I do, and if we don’t we are not facing reality.
    It helps me to keep things in order and i don’t mean financial things..but that too..but that I have a responsibility while I a here to take care of every thing nature has provided for me as well as I can. And to make it more beautiful..And in feeling this way I appreciate every bird and bee, and every blossom that blooms. It seems that we just saw that beautiful vine and yellow chairs and now it is gone. You are so today..gone tomorrow..Make it Count!!! DWG

  5. Well, I am always very aware of how brief is this scratch we make on nature and time – that we call life – and how quickly nature will erase all traces of us. Maybe being cabinbound a lot lately due to the wet has me feeling more low than high?
    Also I feel flatter after the release of this second book than the first, which remained exciting for ages!

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