Bimblebox extension until December 19th!

It was a November 7th deadline to speak up for nature and Bimblebox, but Paola has written from Bimblebox to say:

‘We were informed yesterday that the comment period for Waratah Coal’s EIS has been extended until December 19th. This is because Waratah has had an incomplete version of the EIS on their website (a major omission being Appendix 10, which deals with the impact on the terrestrial ecology!).

‘The EDO is looking through our ‘short version’ to make sure is all correct for people to sign.’

I will put the shorter submission letter that Paola mentions up on this site when it’s ready. And I’d say terrestrial ecology is rather relevant for a nature refuge, wouldn’t you? Lucky that Friend of  Bimblebox, Sonya Duus, spotted the omission.

2 thoughts on “Bimblebox extension until December 19th!”

  1. Its unfair that so many people in the Upper Hunter are being adversely affected, in many ways, by coal mining and the prospect of having coal seam gas wells to contend with as well. The rest of us who live right away from coal mines should be lending a helping hand to these people who are fighting these greedy multinationals. The coal companies promises to remediate the land after they have finished is nothing more than a very bad joke!

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