Blessing the blossoms

blossoms-1I have two of these shrubs planted in my yard. They are native, although not indigenous to the area, but  this is my garden after all. I think they are Melaleuca ericiflolia, or Swamp Paperbark. This Spring everything seems blessed with an abundance of blossoms, in excess of years past.

This butterfly is taking full advantage of the bounty; I think it’s a Plain Tiger or Lesser Wanderer (Danaus chrysippus), thanks to Martin Purvis. Please tell me, anyone, if I’m wrong.

The bees were enjoying the yellow-tipped cream brushes too. Bees must be run off their little feet right now, as the garden is such a riot of blossom.
blossoms-2My two huge nashi pear trees are decked out in bridal white — so pure and pretty that it hurts my heart to see it.

Nashis do very well here, giving me and the parrots and the bower birds more fruit than we can eat. The beauty of nashis is that they will ripen off the tree, and to an astonishing honey sweetness.

I feel sorry for people who have only tried supermarket nashis, which are always unripe.

3 thoughts on “Blessing the blossoms”

  1. Hi DWG & Margaret, fellow blossom lovers,
    Yes, isn’t spring a blast of beauty, brief but spectacular! And the bees probably are ok here because it is so remote?

  2. Hi Sharyn
    Wonderful blooms and blossoms. I envy you the abundance of bees which are very sparse around here (mid north coast although we’re inland). Not getting enough bees to pollinate the various trees especially my quince tree. I’m depending on ants to do the job!
    I so enjoy the views of the various trees and plants in your garden. Very cheering viewing and reading.

  3. Beautiful!!! That Swamp Paperbark is a plant that I have never seen, nor anything that resembles it. Takes my breath away and must just be beautiful in the garden!! Love the pear blossoms and are hard to beat when they are as filled as these seem to be. And very good to eat I might add.
    Things here are still very very green and only today was it dry enough to start cutting the grass that continues to grow even though it is September 29, and into Fall. The excessive rains in the Southeast have really made it seem like Spring. We had our first cool, dry, and sunny day today and I LOVED it. Stayed out all day!!
    Loved the Post!! DWG

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