Creekside beauties

There are many small birds here but they do NOT stay still for photos for me to share them with you. Swallows, Willy Wagtails, honeyeaters, finches… I will have to take to sitting outside and waiting, with camera poised. I think that’s called birdwatching.

Thankfully the flora here is slower moving.

Alongside the small creek is a narrow strip of beautiful remnant rainforest. Yes, there are too many weeds and invasive trees like Camphor Laurel, but looking up to admire one large indigenous tree, just look what I saw.


When I returned to show friends, the orchid’s flowers had disappeared. So the flora may be slower than the birds, but I’ll have to be fast to catch their stages.

I’ve tried to identify this orchid, but I’m lost amongst the Dendrobiums; could it be Dendrobium monophyllum, also known as ‘Lily of the Valley’? The little finger petals seemed distinctive to me and closer to the drawings of this one than any other.

I have so much to learn about this new place and its inhabitants.

6 thoughts on “Creekside beauties”

  1. Hi Sue & Fred,
    Thanks so much for identifying the orchid. I’ll note it in my book. I couldn’t see any ‘maroon blotches’ on the flowers but they were high up.

  2. Hi Sharyn, nice photos and words as always. It’s actually the sweetly perfumed “tiger orchid”, Dendrobium gracilicaule, which is Latin for something like “narrow-stemmed-tree-dweller”
    cheers, Fred & Sue

  3. Oh haha. I’m guessing the book would be a while as i just saw the pictures of you…ummmm..Locked to a gate!! Good on you and all the great work you do. Gee whizz your a goer.

  4. Hi Sue,
    Nice to hear from you! Yes a lovely place but it may be too much work for one little old lady. We’ll see. Definitely a new book percolating, partly my old mountain and partly the new, and what’s been going on in between.

  5. Gee, wow Sharyn! Just caught up on all your posts. Very interesting and i am so happy to see your move looks like a wonderfully interesting new chapter in your life. What a lovely place, and did i see you hint at inspiration for a new book?
    Very happy for you. Sue

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